What You Should Know Before Going to India?

Long been viewed as a symbol of the mystical East, India, with an extremely rich diversity is one of the most prominent destinations on the wish list of almost all travelers. 

And, why not? From the soaring snow-capped mountain peaks of the far north to the sun-bathed beaches of the deep south, from an absolutely awe-inspiring mix of natural landscapes to the most exquisite pieces of art and architecture created by humans, and from the seemingly exotic cultural traditions to an unparalleled mix of culinary flavors, India has it all and more. Owing to all this, it is not at all surprising that the country leaves her visitors completely overwhelmed and intoxicated, such that most of them want to return for more.
However, there is a flip side as well. India's poverty is confronting, the crowds can be really frustrating, dealing with the Indian bureaucracy can be infuriating, and some locally acceptable traditions/practices can be very irritating. So, in general, India can turn out to be a very very unpredictable country with numerous possibilities―she has a very peculiar ability to inspire, frustrate, and enchant you, all at the same time.

Owing to the dramatic diversity of India, and of course, her unpredictable nature, it is vital that travelers, especially first-time visitors, do their homework thoroughly. Believing in the stereotypical clichés of India being a land of nude holy men and snake charmers can prove to be the biggest mistake that a traveler to this country ever makes. It needs to be noted that dismissing India as a rather random assortment of people, places, and traditions can turn your tour into an absolute disaster, and it becomes extremely important that you know certain things before you commence one of the most exciting and challenging adventures of your life.


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