amazing Microscope Pics in the human body

1- A microphage magnified 18,000 times engulfing droplets of oil.

2-  a t-cell, a factor in the immune system, under attack by HIV (blue).

3- A b-cell.  These cells produce antibodies that fight off specific infections.

4-  Malaria protozoa bursting out of red blood cells.

5-  Skin tissue and a blood clot.

6- Known as phagocytosis or "cell-eating," a microphage extends its pseudopods to ensnare and devour e-coli cells.

7-  Bacteria trapped in a microphage membrane. 

8-  Bacteria trapped inside of a microphage will be destroyed by powerful chemicals. 

9-  A microphage reaches out for a bacteria.

10-  A microphage engulfs a particle of asbestos.  The microphage will likely die from trying to envelope this indigestible material.

11-  T-cells attacking a cancerous cell.

12-  T-cells killing a cancerous cell by breaking down its membrane.

13-  The remains of a cancerous cell after it has been killed by t-cells.

14-  What an allergic reaction looks like.

15-  Autoimmune disease from the surgically removed femur of a woman.

16-  The common c


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